Can cats eat cinnamon or is it harmful?

Do cats eat cinnamon? Cinnamon is a common spice that can pose health risks to cats depending on the form and dosage.It’s pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and a ton of other delectable and fragrant ingredient season.

And while the pumpkin can be nutritious for your cat, the other treats recommended aren’t.

Since it does have certain positive effects on human health, cinnamon in particular may seem safe or even beneficial. Sadly, cats are an exception to this rule.

Cinnamon has not been classified as poisonous to cats or other animals by the ASPCA.

It still has the potential to set off an allergic reaction and result in a number of consequences. In other words, you shouldn’t provide your cat with any of the following kinds of cinnamon:

  • Powdered cinnamon spice
  • Essential oil
  • Cinnamon tree
  • Dried cinnamon sticks
  • Diffusers and cinnamon-infused air fresheners
  • Human foods spiced with cinnamon

What Makes Cinnamon Harmful To Cats?

Cinnamon can be harmful to your pet because it can cause a variety of health issues. It contains coumarin, a substance. Because it can’t be broken down by your cat’s body, it can cause liver failure and other adverse effects. Fortunately, the most popular form of cinnamon used in homes doesn’t contain significant amounts of coumarin (powdered cinnamon spice).

However, cats can still be harmed by cinnamon in three ways: by inhaling it, ingesting it, or applying it directly to their skin and fur.

What Should I Do With a Cat Who Eats Cinnamon?

If you see that your cat has eaten a tiny bit of cinnamon, they ought to be mostly fine. Just try to determine how much they managed to drink and whether they additionally ingested any potentially dangerous components.

It is best to contact your veterinarian as soon as possible if your cat consumes more cinnamon and begins to exhibit symptoms. Some of the signs that cats may experience from cinnamon include:

Diarrhea \sRash \sVomiting \sCoughing

Generally, it’s safe practice to make sure that your cat stays away from cinnamon, and always avoid letting your kitty snack on foods that contain cinnamon alongside other ingredients like chocolate and nutmeg.

Has your cat ever had a taste of cinnamon? How did they feel afterwards? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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