A Guide For The Flat-Faced Kitty

Tabby Persian Kitten: A Guide For The Flat-Faced Kitty


The tabby Persian kitten is definitely one of the most beautiful cats that you’ll encounter. It’s adorable, grumpy, and just a sight for sore eyes.

When you go on a hunt for the perfect pet for yourself, you can’t escape the beautiful Persian cats. You’re mesmerized by their beauty, but you’re also confused about their temper and their health.

However, now that you know that you can find a Persian cat with a tabby pattern, you’re even more intrigued. Well, luckily, we have all the answers that you’re looking for. We’ll give you the information that will help you determine whether this is the perfect pet for you!

Origin of the tabby Persian kitten

Tabby Persian Kitten: A Guide For The Flat-Faced Kitty

Just like the name suggests, Persian cats originated from Persia (which would be Iran nowadays). They became extremely popular by the end of the 19th century.

They were especially popular in Great Britain, as they were oftentimes presented in cat shows. Most people choose to bring a Persian cat into their home.

The tabby pattern isn’t a sign of a different breed, but it’s actually just the pattern on the cat’s coat. These cats were born from years of selective breeding to get that perfect tabby pattern, while also keeping the distinctive traits of a Persian cat.

Their patterns look like something that was created by magic. You’ll be able to determine a tabby cat by the “M” marking on its forehead.

Body type and appearance

A tabby Persian kitten is much smaller than you may anticipate. Once you get to hold one, you’ll see that she only looks big because of her long coat.

She’ll be between 8 and 14 inches tall and around 18 inches long (if we’re not counting her tail). Also, she can weigh up to 12 pounds.

She has a small head, a flat-looking face, and a tiny nose. Her eyes are very big and round, and they are the first thing that people fall in love with.

Persian cats also have a long coat, that’s very silky to the touch. Their coat is the main reason why these cats appear to be massive.

Tabby Persian kittens have different types of patterns. The main three are mackerel, patched, and classic. The patched markings have red-colored patches along their classic or mackerel marks.

The markings of a classic tabby are known by the markings that resemble a bull’s eye. While the mackerel markings resemble pencil linings, which look like tall trees on the fur.

Temper and personality

Usually, Persian cats are very calm and reserved. They don’t like to play around too much and if you want to cuddle them, you better make sure that they’re in the mood to be cuddled. Otherwise, those little claws can do some damage.

However, a tabby Persian cat is probably the friendliest of all types of Persian cats. She’s like the extrovert of this breed. You won’t have to read the room every time you try to play with her, nor will you have to be too careful around her.

She’s the perfect companion for you if you love a quiet home, but at the same time want to play with your pet. She won’t really tolerate a lot of noise, nor will she be thrilled if there are a lot of people around.

Nonetheless, she’s very playful and loyal once you create a strong bond.

When you’re playing around with her, you can use a feather teaser or a catnip mouse to activate her hunting instincts. She won’t be interested for a long time, but she’ll find it amusing for a while.

She’s more the type of cat who will enjoy lounging around, snuggling, and staring out the window for hours on end. This is one of the reasons why senior citizens love this cat breed – they don’t need too much attention, but they’re still around to give their owners enough attention.

People tend to take a tabby Persian cat home because their life expectancy is around 17 years, however, they can live even longer if they’re in the right environment. Taking good care of your furry friend means that you’ll have more time together.


Tabby Persian Kitten: A Guide For The Flat-Faced Kitty

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of your cat, then you may want to stay away from a tabby Persian kitten. Actually, every Persian cat is high-maintenance, and you can’t just let her roam around without maintaining her fur.

To be honest, these cats need regular grooming, which would mean that their coat has to be brushed almost every single day.

She has two coats. The longer coat has to be brushed with a softer brush to keep it from tangling and matting, otherwise, she will experience an immense amount of pain. The matted fur will start tugging at her skin and falling off.

The undercoat has to be brushed with a metal comb, to make sure that there are no tangles and nothing that can bother her. She’ll groom herself, of course, like any other cat – but it’s simply not enough!

If you’re not ready to maintain her fur, then you really shouldn’t get a tabby Persian cat.

You can always take her to a groomer, to give her a professional trim, a sanitary trim, and to make sure that her coat is properly taken care of. However, you probably don’t have time to take her multiple times during the week, which means that you’ll have to step up to the task.

Considering that Persian cats have a flat nose, it can lead to a lot of health issues. Cleaning her nose and using a sucker for it will help her breathe. Leaving her to her own devices could be detrimental to your Persian cat.

Food and nutrition

A tabby Persian kitten is known to be a picky eater. She doesn’t want to eat everything that you throw her way, like most cats would. This is probably a result of her dental issues of her inability to breathe properly.

Owners have even said that their Persian cat has a problem with picking up smaller pieces of food, due to their flat face.

So, when it comes to food and nutrition, make sure that you feed her according to her age and weight. These cats are exclusively indoor cats that don’t get enough exercise. This will make her gain much more weight than you’d anticipate, and she can develop other health issues because of it.

My recommendation would be normal, wet cat food. If you want to give her more dry foods, then make sure that it’s easy to chew. However, make sure that you see how much your kitten eats and if she has trouble eating.

If you see that your cat has unusual eating habits, then take her to the veterinarian to discuss the best course of action. Also, don’t overfeed her as she won’t be able to burn those extra calories.

There’s a good chance that your cat will meow for food while you’re making something delicious for yourself, and you can let her have a nibble of chicken or fish – but don’t let her eat too much of the uncooked meat.

Also, definitely avoid giving her anything that has been processed, especially if you’re a fan of fried foods. Never let her eat any of that because she won’t be able to digest the grease and oil.

Possible health issues

Tabby Persian Kitten: A Guide For The Flat-Faced Kitty

Just like with any other cat breed, there’s a good chance that your tabby Persian kitten could develop some health issues.

One of the most common ones is related to breathing problems. This is due to their flat nose. So, if your cat has the sniffles, she could lack oxygen if you’re not careful enough.

Another potential health issue is ringworms. I don’t want to scare you, but many felines have this issue. The biggest problem with this is that it can affect you, the owner. It’s not life-threatening, but it can be annoying. It takes a long time to get rid of the markings on your skin.

Also, there’s a good chance that you’d have to isolate your cat while she heals from it completely. Which is quite a bother when you want to cuddle your cat.

A tabby Persian cat can also develop dental problems. This happens when you don’t brush her teeth often enough or when you don’t give her drier food to stimulate her teeth and gums.

At the end of the day, if you see anything that may be out of the norm, take her to the vet immediately. Don’t just wait for things to get better – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Are tabby Persian kittens family-friendly?

Considering that Persian cats need a quiet environment, they’re really not suitable for households that have little children. Kids like to play a little bit rougher with cats, and a Persian cat won’t tolerate such behavior.

She’ll bite and scratch just to get her peace of mind.

However, if you have older children who won’t bother her, then you can definitely consider getting a tabby Persian kitten. Tabbies are always friendly and more extroverted than any other cats.

But, please be careful. These cats are very sensitive, and if you’re not ready to put in the work, then let someone who’ll have the time and energy to take good care of her adopt her instead.

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