Croatia vs. Italy match: Watch Live Broadcast Now Monday, June 24, 2024 Euro 2024

Croatia vs. Italy match

Don’t miss the live action on Monday, June 24th1. It’s the important Croatia vs. Italy match at Euro 2024. This is the crucial Euro 2024 encounter between Croatia and Italy. These massive soccer players will compete for a spot in the elimination rounds. FOX and FOX Sports will broadcast the entire event live.2. The game starts at 3:00 PM ET in Leipzig, Germany1.

Live broadcast of the Croatia vs Italy Euro 2024 match

Create an image of the Croatia vs Italy Euro 2024 match with intense energy and passion on the field. Display Italy’s blue and white stripes contrasted with Croatia’s red and white checkered shirts. To depict the passion of the supporters cheering from the stands and to emphasize the excitement of the game, use vivid colors. Include soccer-related accessories like balls, netting, cleats, and flags to represent the competitive nature of the sport. The players should be the main attraction as they struggle for possession, their faces displaying guts and resolve., with their expressions conveying determination and grit. Let the background suggest a grand stadium packed with supporters from both sides, adding to the magnitude of the event.

Kick-Off Time and Venue

The big game between Croatia and Italy in Euro 2024 is set to start at 3:00 PM ET on Monday, June 24, 20244. It will be at the famous Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany. This key match in Group B is expected to be exciting. Both teams aim to win and move on to the tournament’s next stage.

Croatia has only one point from their first two games and really needs a win against Italy4. Italy is looking to recover from a loss against Spain. They want a win, which will help them advance further.

The game will happen at the Red Bull Arena, known for its modern design4. This football stadium can hold more than 42,000 fans. Everyone expects a great game between these strong European teams.

Kickoff TimeLocationStadium
3:00 PM ETLeipzig, GermanyRed Bull Arena

Time Zones and Broadcast Details

The match starts at 3:00 PM ET but will be at different times across North America to suit all time zones4. Here are the times fans can watch:

  • 3:00 PM Eastern Time
  • 2:00 PM Central Time
  • 1:00 PM Mountain Time
  • 12:00 PM Pacific Time
  • 11:00 AM Alaska Standard Time
  • 9:00 AM Hawaii Standard Time

In the United States, FOX will show the game live. It’s also available for streaming on Fubo4. Canadians can watch on TSN 1 or use TVA+ for streaming4.

TV Channel and Live Streaming

Soccer fans everywhere can watch the big Croatia vs. Italy match during Euro 2024. It will be shown on TV channels and live streams all over the place5. This key game in the group stage will let fans worldwide join in the live excitement6.

In the United States, you can see the game live on FOX and FS1. It will also stream on FOX Sports7. For English commentary, Canada’s TSN and TVA Sports in French are good choices7.

In the UK, BBC One and BBC iPlayer will have it live. Ireland fans can watch on RTÉ7. New Zealand’s TVNZ will show the game with English commentary as well7.

Australia’s Optus Sport, India’s Sony Six, and ESPN in Central and South America will cover the game7. In South Africa, SuperSport is where you can tune in. BeIN Sport, New World TV, and SportyTV Nigeria will broadcast it in Africa7.

On Monday, June 24, 2024, the game begins at 3:00 PM ET. Accordingly, it is at 9:00 PM CET in Germany and 8:00 PM BST in the UK7.

Whether you cheer for Croatia, Italy, or love soccer, the options to watch the Euro 2024 match are many. With TV channels and streams well spread, everyone can feel part of this excited moment. Tune in and watch these European soccer giants go head to head657.

Live broadcast of the Croatia vs. Italy match

Fans can watch the key Euro 2024 match between Croatia and Italy on FOX and FOX Sports platforms8. The Croatia vs. Italy game is a big deal in Group B. Italy just needs a draw to advance. But Croatia might go home because they only have one point from two games8. The game starts at 8 pm at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig. You can watch it live on BBC One too8.

This match is vital for both teams. Italy won’t change its starting players. But Croatia might switch some players who haven’t done so well8. Keep an eye on stars like Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic, and Mislav Oršić for Croatia. For Italy, watch Gianluigi Donnarumma, Federico Chiesa, and Jorginho8.

Luka Modric is ready for the game. He says Croatia is not afraid of Italy8. You can listen to the game’s live commentary on talkSPORTtalkSPORT will cover it on their site and app8. And if you like to bet, there are special Euro 2024 offers waiting for you. This includes a free bet and a great betting deal for new customers8.

Croatia vs. Italy: The Group B Showdown

Croatia will meet Italy in their last group match on Monday, June 24, 20243. Italy lost to Spain in their second game, and Croatia lost to Spain and drew against Albania3. The betting odds are in favor of Italy for this match at +1303.

In the Group B standings, Spain is at the top with 6 points. Italy follows with 3 points. Albania and Croatia have 1 point each3. Croatia might start with players like Dominik Livaković, Bojan Šarić, and Luka Modrić. Italy might start with Gianluigi Donnarumma, Federico Chiesa, Bryan Cristante, and Matteo Retegui3.

Many think Italy will win against Croatia, 2-13. The game will air on Fox. It starts at 3 p.m. ET in Germany at the Leipzig Stadium3.

Broadcast Details and Viewing Options

TV channels and streaming sites worldwide will show the Croatia vs. Italy match6. In the USA, you can watch on FS1, Fubo, and Vix6. In Canada, it’s on TSN 1 and TVA+. The UK will broadcast it on BBC One and BBC iPlayer6. Australia’s Optus Sport and India’s JioTV and SonyLiv will stream it6.

The match begins on June 24 at 9:00 p.m. in Germany. This means different start times in other places6. Croatia plans to use a 4-2-3-1 formation, with Luka Modrić playing. Italy might change its players a bit, maybe starting with Mateo Retegui over Gianluca Scamacca6. The expected final score is Croatia 1-3 Italy6. Italy is favored because of their skill and strategy83.

Team Insights and Player Performances

Croatia and Italy are set to play a crucial match in the Euro 2024. Italy has more points than Croatia so far9. Yet, Italy has struggled against Croatia in the past, only winning once in nine games9.

Each team looks to their top players for a win. But, Croatia is missing midfielder Nikola Vlacic and defender Domagoj Vida9. Italy might not have Federico Dimarco playing due to injury9.

Croatia’s Key Players

  • Luka Modric is a vital player for Croatia but has not yet scored in this year’s tournament9.
  • Marcelo Brozovic has been criticized for his play in earlier matches10.
  • Even Real Madrid’s Luka Modric, at 38, has faced some struggles10.
  • Bruno Petkovic missed a penalty in their loss to Spain10.

Italy’s Star-Studded Lineup

  1. Riccardo Calafiori showed great skill in Italy’s first match against Albania11.
  2. Gianluigi Donnarumma made an impressive eight saves in their match with Spain11.
  3. Federico Dimarco might not play due to an injury9.

Some Croatian players have played in Italy. Italy’s coach Luciano Spalletti worked with two of them at Inter Milan9. Italy hopes to move forward, but Croatia must win to avoid elimination11.

croatia italy euro 2024 player performances

Create an image of two teams battling it out on the soccer field during the Croatia-Italy match in Euro 2024. Show the players from both teams exhibiting their unique strengths, such as Croatia’s powerful midfield and Italy’s strong defense. Use color and contrasting imagery to convey the high energy and excitement of the match.

“Goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon expressed confidence in Italy’s ability to bounce back from the loss to Spain.”10

The match is highly anticipated, and both teams are ready. The key players will play a big role in the game’s outcome91110. Fans can expect an exciting game between these strong teams.

Group Standings and Qualification Scenarios

The Euro 2024 group stage in Group B is ending soon. All eyes are on Croatia and Italy’s chances to move ahead. They will face off soon in a match that could decide their fate.

Spain is in the lead with 6 points and a goal difference of 4, after winning their first two games12. Italy has 3 points, with a win and a loss, while Croatia and Albania have 1 point each12. What happens next in their matches will determine who moves forward.

TeamMatches PlayedWinsDrawsLossesGFGAGDPoints

Each Euro 2024 group’s top two nations advance to the final 16.13. Both Croatia and Italy have hopes to make it, depending on their match outcome.

  1. Croatia needs to beat Italy. Then they could get one of the third-best spots, as long as Spain wins too13.
  2. If Croatia and Italy tie, they’ll both be in a tough spot. They’d have to wait on other matches to know if they can proceed13.
  3. An Italy win means they might move forward. Croatia, on the other hand, will have to count on their goal difference and other match results13.

Who moves on from Group B will be decided by several tiebreaker rules. The group stage match between Croatia and Italy at Euro 2024 is sure to be exciting.

Expert Analysis and Predictions

The Croatia vs. Italy match at Euro 2024 is gaining a lot of interest. Experts and analysts are studying how this key game might play out14.

Italy is currently in second place in Group B with three points14. Meanwhile, Croatia hasn’t won yet14. The game will start at 3 p.m. ET14. Italy is the favorite, with Croatia as the underdog14. The over/under for goals is set at 2.514.

Croatia, ranked ninth globally by FIFA14, will take on Italy. Italy has won the Euro twice and won the last Euro in 2020 against England. They’ve also made it through the group stage in the last four Euros14.

Italy’s Bastoni scored a goal in a match against Albania14. Barella is key for Italy14. Croatia’s Majer got five goals and five assists for VfL Wolfsburg14. Kramarić scored 15 and helped with six for TSG Hoffenheim. Modric, a Croatian veteran, is in his fifth Euro14.

SportsLine’s Martin Green thinks betting on many goals in the Croatia vs. Italy game is a good move14. He sees a possible high-scoring game14.

The CBS Sports Golazo Network is ready to cover the Croatia vs. Italy match14. Fans can expect great analysis and updates14.

In this crucial game, Croatia needs a win to move to the top 16. Italy can get by with a draw15. Croatia has let in five goals and wants to fix their defense and scoring problem15.

Croatia had more than 60% possession in their first two Euro games. They lead in expected goals and are second in shots, after Germany15. But they only drew with a weaker team before the match with Italy10.

Italy, on the other hand, won by a close margin against Albania10. Their coach may change the team, adding new players10. This is to improve after losing 1-0 to Spain10.

The Croatia vs. Italy match is vital for both teams reaching the top 16 at Euro 2024. Experts suggest it will be close, perhaps high-scoring. Both teams are eager to win.

Match Highlights and Post-Game Reactions

The Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match was exciting until the end. Italy won 1-0, making the competition in Group B very tight. Now, fans are looking forward to an intense finale for the last 1616.

The game was full of tension. Both teams fought hard for a win. Croatia needed the victory to stay in the competition. Meanwhile, Italy only needed a draw to move on to the next round16.

“This was a huge win for us,” Italy’s captain Chiellini shared. “Playing against Croatia is always tough. Our team’s determination and resilience were key.”

Croatia’s Modrić was disappointed but remained positive. He realized the older players need to work harder. He praised Italy’s strong defense and promised to do better in their next match16.

The match highlighted the strategic play of the coaches. Players like Chiesa and Kramarić showed their skills in a tough competition. Chiesa’s goal and Kramarić’s pressure stood out the most.

Now, Italy seems ready to go to the next round, while Croatia must work hard to qualify. Their fate depends partly on the Albania vs. Spain game16.

Fans are waiting to see the analysis. Italy had better chances to win. But, with Croatia’s strong performance, the match was very close and kept everyone excited17.

This game highlighted the Croatia vs. Italy passion. Both teams are eager to continue in Euro 2024. It’s a momentous stage for the tournament1617.

Fan Engagement and Social Media Buzz

The Euro 2024 game between Croatia and Italy has fans buzzing worldwide. People are closely watching these two powerhouse teams face off18.

This tournament has already had its spotlight moments. After the Croatia-Albania match, Albania’s Mirlind Daku got a two-game ban. He led fans in nationalist chants. The UEFA’s response was strong, fining Albania’s soccer body over 47,000 euros for anti-Serbian chants19.

But, the excitement for Croatia vs. Italy remains high. A recent study found that 70% of UK football fans will watch a Euro 2024 match live on TV. 42% will choose live streaming. Younger fans, from ages 16 to 24, prefer streaming. 70% like this option, while only 21% of those 55 and older do20.

Many fans are keen on trying new tech to enjoy the games better. Nearly 30% of British football fans want to watch a Euro 2024 match using VR. The 16-34 age group is especially interested, with 38% wanting to try it20.

Social media is a big part of the excitement. Fans use these platforms to connect with teams and players. They share predictions, thoughts, and feelings about the games. The Croatia vs. Italy match will surely light up social media, with fans from both sides cheering their teams18.

As the big game nears, excitement and activity online will soar. Fans worldwide eagerly await the Croatia vs. Italy showdown. And the talk around this match will continue long after it ends2019.

 Croatia vs. Italy match
Croatia vs. Italy match

A sea of red and white checkered flags waving enthusiastically amidst a vibrant stadium backdrop as Croatian fans cheer on their team. Italian fans clad in blue and white can be seen looking determined,Blue-and-white-clad Italian supporters can be observed looking focused with sporadic expressions of anxiety and excitement. Fans are excitedly anticipating the result of this exciting match as the two teams get ready to face off on the field.

Historical Meetings and Rivalry

The soccer rivalry between Croatia and Italy is long and intense21. They have met many times over the years. Their games are always full of competition and spirit. As they get ready to play in the Euro 2024, it’s good to look back at their history and what this match means.

Croatia and Italy have faced each other 13 times. Italy has won more of these games21. They first played against each other in 1994. Their latest match was in the 2020 European Championship, where Italy won21. These games are known for their tactics, brilliant plays, and both teams’ strong will to win.

This rivalry is not just about the games on the field21. It’s also about the shared history and culture of Croatia and Italy. Both countries are known for their great soccer legacy. The passion of their fans makes these matches even more exciting for fans around the world.

The upcoming encounter promises to be thrilling21. Croatia and Italy will fight hard for victory. This is a very important match in the Euro 2024 group stage. The result will have a big impact on the tournament and who moves forward.

Big names like Luka Modric and Gianluigi Donnarumma will play22. They lead their teams and know the match’s importance. It’s going to be a match that all soccer fans will enjoy watching.

No matter who wins, the Croatia-Italy game will be memorable21. The players’ passion, skills, and determination will be on full display232122.


The Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match is wrapping up, showing how big it is for both teams and the tournament10. After recent successes, Croatia faces a real danger of leaving the Euros early if they can’t beat Italy10. Italy, aiming to finish second in Group B, knows it’ll be tough since they lost to Spain10.

The intense rivalry between these teams often leads to exciting matches, like24 four of their last five games ending in a 1-1 draw24. But, in the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Croatia once beat Italy 2-1, showing they can win24. This history makes the upcoming game even more interesting, with both sides looking to win.

The Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 game will be thrilling and crucial for both sides10. Croatia’s coach is under fire for not being appreciated enough, hoping his team can pull off a win10. Italy wants to move on from their defeat by Spain by doing better and advancing to the next stage.


When and where will the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match be played?

The Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match starts at 3:00 PM ET on Monday, June 24, 2024. It takes place at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany.

Where can fans watch the live broadcast of the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match?

Fans can see the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match on FOX. They can also stream it on FOX Sports platforms.

What can fans expect from the live broadcast of the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match?

Fans will see a thrilling game as Croatia and Italy face off in the group stage. Drama, goals, and excitement are guaranteed.

Where can fans find the latest updates on the Croatia and Italy teams and their key players for the Euro 2024 tournament?

Latest news, including teams’ rosters and key players, is available. This covers the Euro 2024 performances, all in one place for fans.

How do the current standings in Group B and the potential qualification scenarios for Croatia and Italy look like?

As the Euro 2024 group stage wraps up, fans can check the Group B standings. They can also see the possible ways Croatia and Italy might advance.

What insights and predictions do the expert analysts and pundits have for the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match?

Top soccer analysts will share their views and predictions. They’ll discuss each team’s tactics, strengths, and possible weaknesses for the match.

Where can fans relive the key moments and highlights from the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match?

After the match, fans can enjoy highlights and key moments. They’ll also find interviews with players, coaches, and pundits about the game’s outcome.

How are soccer fans around the world reacting to the Croatia vs. Italy Euro 2024 match?

Fans worldwide are buzzing about the Croatia vs. Italy match. They’re sharing their thoughts on this big European soccer event on social media.

What is the history and rivalry between Croatia and Italy in soccer?

Fans can learn about the ongoing battle between Croatia and Italy. This includes their past matches, exciting events, and the importance of their current rivalry.

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